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Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies is known today as a DJ and talented music producer, originally from Belgium. The young man was born in 1993 on November 30 in Brussels. Of course, this is not his real name, but his stage name. In fact, the guy's name is Felix de Lat. If you are imbued with the meaning of his pseudonym, then you can easily find out what in translation from English it means - Lost Frequencies, which just perfectly applies to Felix, and now you will understand why. By the way, about his tracks, Lost Frequencies reality, Lost Frequencies what is love and Lost Frequencies melody, which can be downloaded on all music sites favorable to the group in style, are the most popular, popular and relevant today.
If you remember 2017, Felix was on the 26th position in the list of the world's best DJs, according to the magazine DJ Megesin.
Now a few words about the star's pseudonym.
When he called himself "lost purities", he meant old tracks, which virtually no one listens to today. And when I was creating my own musical project, my thoughts were to remake the old tracks into modern club hits in order to give them a second chance to exist.
Career growth
At the beginning of 2014, the DJ planned to create a remix of the track "Aryu wiz mi", which will be performed by Corbin Easton before. Initially, it was supposed that the remix was uploaded to the SoundCloud music service, where the recording studios Armada Music and The Berded Men could see it. In 2014, on October 27th, the official release of this remix took place. The track topped the charts in Belgium called Ultratop. A year later, the track already occupied the leading position of the Australian and Austrian charts. In addition, he was noted in European countries as well, as he was in the top 10.
Let's move smoothly to 2016.
At the beginning of summer in 2016, the DJ decided to release the track "Beauty Life", in which the performer Kawazza Sandro takes an active part. This single becomes the lead for his first music collection. On Twitter, it was announced that he plans to release a collection in 2016 at the beginning of the fall season. On September 8th he managed to create a remix of the Mejor Lizer track "Cold Water". The first studio collection, which was called "Less from Mor", was presented in 2016 in October. It includes such musical compositions as "Reality", "Aryu viz mi", "Beauty Life", "That's from Love 2016", "All Or Nasing". In addition, he, among other things, managed to join The Chainsmokers on their tour in the spring and summer of 2017. Less iz mor was included in the annual IMPALA list as the compilation of the year, which was recorded by an independent record company in Europe.
At the moment, all music tracks released by the DJ are available for download from the Internet.